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    Nathalie Vissers (°1989) could spend a lifetime learning, studying new domains and making meaning of the world. After completing a research master in psychology, she became interested in more artistic ways of satisfying this thirst for knowledge. 

    Photography allows her to dive into any subject and experiment with it in a playful way. She likes to give her own spin on reality, turning mundane elements into science (fictional) objects, landscapes and characters.

    As of 2017, she will broaden her views on photography by volunteering for the international photography platform Urbanautica and teaching at the Photography Club in Leuven (Belgium), where she is living and working.




    2016: BredaPhoto International Photo Festival / Breda, the Netherlands (15 September- 30 October)

    2016: Unexposed TWENS 2016 / Leuven, Belgium (8 September - 25 September)

    2016: ISSP Final Exhibition / Kuldiga, Latvia (13 August - 08 September)

    2016: BAC Atelier Exhbition at AGORA learning center / Leuven, Belgium (June-September)

    2016: Photo View 2016 / 5 locations in Flanders, Belgium (March-November)


    2016-2017: ISSP International Master Class  /  Latvia & Sicily

    2016: ISSP International Summer School of Photography  /  Kuldiga, Latvia

    2016: BredaPhoto Masterclass by Jan Rosseel / Breda, the Netherlands

    2016: Resident at BAC Atelier KU Leuven  / Leuven, Belgium


    2016: Der Greif Special on ISSP workshop in which I participated
    2016: Catalogus Masterclass BredaPhoto (p. 30)
    2016: Catalogus Unexposed/TWENS2016
    2016: Beeld Express 3 (sep/oct issue) (p. 38 + p. 41)
    2016: Centrum voor Beeldexpressie: Foto van de maand


    2016: Pitch 'De Donkere Kamer' / Gent
    2016: Evening talk International Masterclass of Photography / Kuldiga, Latvia
    2016: Short talk about work Unexposed TWENS 2016 / Leuven
    2016: Evening talk International Summer School of Photography / Pelci, Latvia


    Since 2014: Analog and Digital Photographic Art at SLAC Academy for Visual Arts / Leuven, Belgium

    2008-2013: Bachelor/Master of Science in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude / KU Leuven, Belgium