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Flat & Framed has always been my blog to think, write and play around with photography.
As I do not find the time at the moment to write full-fledged blog articles, I will instead share a diary of photo’s and short thoughts here.

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March 2020
A short homage to the office - where I won’t be spending my time for the next few weeks due to the circumstances.

"The office lives in a dark, grey street. It’s been there since quite a while.

In the day, it is full of classes, humming printers, boring meetings, spilled coffee, stressed-out researchers, lab mice, accidental leakages and people who have lost their way.

In the night, it gets calmer, lab mice catch their breath and stressed-out-but-now-also-tired researchers have another sip of their coffee.

The office observes the remains of the day."

March 2020
1 year of veganism. Most difficult thing was not the food I had to cut, but feeling lonely in digesting a lot of the horrible information. Brainstorming a new photo project to reflect on it in a more creative way.

Winter 2020
Feeling out of balance. Stuck between winter and spring.

Fall 2019
Sometimes the shadow of the thing is more interesting to photograph than the thing in itself.