Flat & Framed

This page will soon be updated with an overview of past texts and blog articles I wrote on photography.

Flat & Framed has always been my blog to think, write and play around with photography.
As I do not find the time at the moment to write full-fledged blog articles, I will instead share a diary of photo’s and short thoughts here. 

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April 30, 2020
The COVID19-lockdown is still going on.

I am continuining to make a ‘tips from an introvert’ photograph each day - but my hard drive is too full. Time for a much-needed clean up of my photo archive.

I find myself going through more than 5 years of photographs - digging up some discoveries along the way - old photographs that I am appreciating with fresh eyes.

Thinking about making this into a new series ‘Nightly Archive Discoveries’. These are the first three photographs for the series - all dated in 2015.

April 14, 2020
Day 30 of my ‘Tips from an introvert’, where I am sharing tips to surive the lockdown during pandemic times - from the introvert in me to the extrovert in you. Today, I am really longing for a swim. 

I miss being under water.
I miss being weightless.
I miss focusing on the rhythm of strokes and breathing - one, two, breathe, one, two, breathe.
I miss how sounds are softened, sometimes,
when the pool is quiet, and the only sounds are
splashing water,
the soft rumble of water moving past you,
or you moving past water.
I miss feeling immersed.
I miss feeling carried.
I miss feeling that everything is okay, if you just keep counting, and breathing, and turning, and counting, and breathing.
I miss feeling powerful, finding a way to thrust forward using only your limbs in something as fleeting and fluid as water.
I miss being me, swimming.
I miss losing me, swimming.
I miss swimming.

Looking forward to meet you under water, someday.

March 2020
A short homage to the office - where I won’t be spending my time for the next few weeks due to the circumstances.

"The office lives in a dark, grey street. It’s been there since quite a while.

In the day, it is full of classes, humming printers, boring meetings, spilled coffee, stressed-out researchers, lab mice, accidental leakages and people who have lost their way.

In the night, it gets calmer, lab mice catch their breath and stressed-out-but-now-also-tired researchers have another sip of their coffee.

The office observes the remains of the day."

March 2020
1 year of veganism. Most difficult thing was not the food I had to cut, but feeling lonely in digesting a lot of the horrible information. Brainstorming a new photo project to reflect on it in a more creative way.

Winter 2020
Feeling out of balance. Stuck between winter and spring.

Fall 2019
Sometimes the shadow of the thing is more interesting to photograph than the thing in itself.

© Nathalie Vissers, 2020 - Photographer & Researcher